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Updated 02/18/2001

Soon, Brian's Drive-In Theater will have a new address and a new look, as I have just secured a new server! As such, new pages are taking a bit longer to develop at this time; however, new pages have debuted this month for Julie Adams, Johnny Mack Brown, Faith Domergue, Fay Spain, and John Bromfield. Please take a look below at the new pages currently under development:

actor pages currently under construction
This is a listing of actors for whom I'm currently trying to build pages:
John Bromfield (debuted January 9)
Robert Conrad (on hold)
Faith Domergue (debuted January 17)
Barbara Steele
Fay Spain (debuted January 8)
Ray "Crash" Corrigan
Julie London
Julie Adams (debuted January 31)
Johnny Mack Brown (debuted January 29)
John Ireland (This page is coming soon!)
Jane Russell
Rex Reason
Richard Harrison
Reed Hadley
John Ashley
Jan Sterling
John Derek
Boris Karloff
Marie Windsor
Ty Hardin
George Montgomery
Sterling Hayden

proposed new drive-in sections
Currently in progress is yet another new drive-in section devoted to B movie villains and bad girls. Actors such as Lee Van Cleef, Gerald Mohr, Cleo Moore, and Fay Spain may be featured. Also, a section devoted to B Movie Comedies is under consideration. (Thanks to Sammy Keith for the suggestion!)

proposed new actor pages
The following is a list of actors for whom I'm considering constructing pages for, if I can find enough photos and other materials:
Jill Banner
Richard Carlson
Cash Flagg (aka Ray Dennis Steckler)
Sally Forrest
Aron Kincaid
Hugh Marlowe
Miles O'Keeffe
William Smith
Pamela Tiffin

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